Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a Vintge16 account?
Click on the "First-time Registration" button on the left navigation bar. You will be asked if you are a current Toppan Vintage client or not. Current clients have a slightly faster process, as their contact and billing information is already in our system.

What is a Vintge16 Administrator?
To help their executives and clients mitigate risk, a Vintage16 account can be opened by issuing corporation or law firm. The Administrator would pre-populate the Vintage16 portal with material information as well as set permissions and issue passwords for Reporting Owners to self-file.

How long does it take until I am able to file?
Once permissioned, your account will be activated immediately and available to proceed with live filing. The initiation set-up is generally a one-business day process.

What should I do if I need filing codes (CIK and CCC) for a Reporting Owner?
If the Reporting Owner does not have EDGAR codes, Toppan Vintage Client Support team will assist you in the Form ID process. Please contact us at (212) 596-7747 or

Once registered at Vintage16, can I change my fee structure?

Account Types are selected at the time of your initial account setup, based upon the number of Reporting Owners selected for filings. If the number of Reporting Owners initially registered is exceeded, you will be charged $50 per filing for each Reporting Owner above the package limit, until your account expiration date is reached.

You may change your pricing structure at the time of account expiration, even if your account is setup for Auto-Renewal. Simply email if you would like to change your account type.

Where can I see Vintage16 demonstration?
Please contact us for a demo of the product and we will coordinate scheduling a web demo with you and your team, (212) 596-7747 or